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Spoon River Anthology

Edgar Lee Masters' American classic is an homage to small-town America just after the turn of the last century. His series of epitaph poems from the gravestones of the denizens of the fictional town of Spoon River, Illinois, covers all facets of human life and death. We present this selection of poems from his 1915 work.

57 minutes 57 seconds


Jane Bogue

Rich Bogue

Elizabeth Bonkoski

Rachel Bush

Alton Capps

John Duncan

Jennifer Duncan

John Falk

Jan Fitzgerald

Helen Groves

Amanda Hadlock

Judy Luxton

Sara Montgomery

Mike O'Shea

Jena Peterson

David Rice

Todd Smith

Ken Trulock

Maxine Whittaker

Aubrey Smith

Graham Weldin

Directed by:

Meg Rice

Written by:

Sound Engineering:

David Rice

Narrated by:

Becca Rice

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