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The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

We all know Santa Claus. He seems to be everywhere - books, TV, movies, songs. But, do we really know him? How did he get his long white beard? Where did he come from? What is it about those flying reindeer? Radio Heyday answers all your questions with this production of "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus", adapted by Rachel Bush from the classic L. Frank Baum story.

102 minutes 56 seconds


David Rice

Cindy Abner

Daniel Bush

Alton Capps

Jennifer Duncan

Maxine Whittaker

Jane Bogue

Rich Bogue

Elizabeth Bonkoski

Twiggy Calloway

Noah Calloway

Erik Chase

Cynthia Chandler Clayton

Gretchen Coleman

John Falk

Helen Groves

Cletus Odell Johnson

Jerry-Mac Johnston

David Lee

Mike O'Shea

Patrick Shutt

Matthew Winston

Directed by:

Meg Rice

Written by:

Rachel Bush

Sound Engineering:

David Rice

Narrated by:

Helen Groves

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