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Here we remember those who have passed on. may their stories never be forgotten.

Howard "Howie" Kenyon, Jr.

Howard Kenyon

April 25th 1970 - March 30th 2016

Howie had a blast working with all the crew at Radio Heyday on "Starship Stan" and "The Drifter". He had so much fun that he wrote his own show "Spina-man" which was based off of his childhood dreams of one day becoming a super hero and saving the world. Howie was born with Spina bifida and was confined to a wheelchair, but he never let the chair or the disease define him.

Howie had been a dispatcher for the Forsyth Police Department, Wells Fargo and Proctor & Gamble of Kansas City. He also worked at Wal-Mart in Kansas City and New York. He loved to fish and hunt with his dad, hang out with his many friends and family, watch Cardinal Baseball games, read book, craft unique bird houses, but above all he loved sharing his faith.

Howie passed into eternity on March 30, 2016, where he now is now walking the streets of Glory. He will be missed.

David Bates

Howard Kenyon