Radio Heyday began as the brainchild of Executive Producer Meg Rice. She had been having a conversation with a local actor friend who mentioned it was unlikely he would be auditioning for an upcoming large musical because he had such trouble remembering lines anymore. That got Meg to thinking about how many actors were in the same boat, or who were unable to spend weeks rehearsing for a mainstage-style production. “Wouldn’t it be great,” she thought, “if there were a place that local actors could practice their craft without having to commit a month or more of their time to nightly rehearsals?”

She then thought back to her college years when she and her husband had spent some of their time working with a radio program called The Nineteenth State, a weekly news and entertainment show about the history of Indiana. Those shows were rehearsed and recorded in a single day, leaving plenty of time for work, classes, and family. Knowing there wasn’t much call for weekly radio shows in the twenty-first century, she conceived of radio dramas produced in podcast form for the Internet.

Thus was born www.radioheyday.com. We specialize in creating original, family-friendly radio shows, reminiscent of shows from radio’s Golden Age of the 30’s and 40’s. We accept new scripts from authors from around the country, then we audition, cast, rehearse, record, and edit those scripts into the 15 to 30-minute shows found on our site. Radio Heyday has been producing shows since the fall of 2013, and we are still going strong. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at info@radioheyday.com.

About the Website

This website was created as a student project for the Spring 2016 Software Engineering course at Ozarks Technical Community College.
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